How You Can Help

Contact us to discuss how your church or other group could build, repair or improve housing for others.

Youth Group Mission workers building a house.

Building Affordable New Homes

Puerto Peñasco, like many other communities, lacks adequate affordable living space for low income families. The need for affordable housing has become increasingly urgent. Recognizing this challenge, various groups have come together with local residents to address the issue by building small homes for families in need.

Our method of tackling this problem is through organizing and assisting local and US resources for both building new affordable homes and improving substandard housing situations. Families needing housing or living in substandard housing are vetted by local church leadership in our community. Oc3an View Ministry maintains relationships with recipient families after the build.

Home construction. on going with men using a chop saw to build.

Home Improvement Projects

No Insulation – Exterior Exposed – No Electrical Wiring – No Interior Finish
Exterior & Interior Completely Renovated

We have a virtually endless list of life changing home improvement projects. These projects hold immense potential for transforming inadequate housing conditions and improving the lives of those in need. Your organization can address some of the critical issues faced by vulnerable communities, such as substandard housing and inadequate sanitation facilities.

Make Homes More Livable
Septic Installation
Biolite Solar Panel installed on a roof with a drill beside it
Solar Lighting Systems