June/July 2023!! We can put the following items to use. Please help!

  • Clothes
    • Men’s and women’s tennis all sizes.
    • Men’s work and dress pants sizes 30 to 40 waist.
  • Building cleaning supplies (all kinds)
  • Personal hygiene items for men and women
  • Tools
    • Battery and electric drills
    • Hammer drills,
    • Buffers
    • Reciprocal Saws + power saw 4”inch concrete and metal discs.
    • Masonry, wood and metal drill bits all sizes.
    • Screw Drivers (Philip and standard screw drivers)
    • Pliers (Needle nose, electrical wire cutters)
    • Wrenches and Vice Grips
    • Socket sets.
    • Electrical tape
    • Tape measures.

Please inquire if you have other items that you believe might meet these needs.